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The Groves, Chester

Exploring Chester, Cheshire

Updated by Nigel Clarkson 18th Jan 2024

Welcome to Chester, Cheshire


Discover Chester, Cheshire, a city where history and a really enjoyable experience all around. That is why it is one of our Favourite English cities nestled in the heart of Cheshire. It has a great mix of ancient architecture and contemporary culture.

Top Attractions in Chester


From the iconic Chester Cathedral to the picturesque River Dee, each site tells a story of a city steeped in rich history and vibrant culture.

A great selection of restaurants

Chester is well known for its culinary delights. Our personal guide to the best places to eat will take you from cosy cafes to luxurious restaurants, each offering a taste of local flavours and international cuisine. We have so many favourites and also so great suggestions for you.

Accommodation Options in Chester


Find the perfect place to stay in Chester. Don't know where to start? We can help from our own experiences. Whether you're looking for a luxurious hotel, a cosy bed and breakfast, or a convenient apartment, our selection caters to every preference and budget.

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Attractions In Chester
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River Dee Boat Trips

A Gem Full of History


It's a special city where the old and the new come together beautifully. Right in the heart of Cheshire, Chester is a magical place with old buildings and new, lively vibes.

Great Days out visiting the famous Chester Cathedral and the lovely River Dee for a boat ride. Maybe a flutter on the horses at one of the oldest race courses in the world, Chester Races.

Bridge over River Dee

That's the wonderful thing we like about Chester, there is no shortage of things to do and explore. Whether you are visiting for the day or staying for a weekend, there is plenty to do in Chester, Cheshire.


If the weather is fine, take a walk through the city’s historic walls, or how about an Afternoon tea in Chester?

History of Chester

I learnt this in some of my school day history lessons, and it is always lovely to refresh the mind and remember just how important this place was to the Romans.


The History of Chester was established as a Roman fort in 79 AD. This was done with good reason as It was strategically located at the edge of the River Dee and soon became a vital trading post.


As they say, nothing lasts forever and with the decline of the Roman Empire, the fort was abandoned and left to decay.

The Clock Tower Chester

In the 11th century, the Normans arrived and rebuilt the structure and it became a prominent trading post once again.


In the Middle Ages, Chester became a stronghold and was a key strategic position in the wars between the Welsh, Scots, and English. It is amazing to think of all that history that has gone before us as we often take a stroll along the city walls that still stand today.


The walls were built to defend the city against the threat of invasion. They are one of the largest and most intact city walls in the world. You can almost feel the long-forgotten voices seeping out of the stone walls.


It always makes me think how the heck did they build such a structure all those years ago? Have a look around the Chester Roman Amphitheatre when you are in the City - It's Free

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