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Chester Ghost Tours

Unveiling the Shadows

Brimming with tales that span over two millennia, all in the City of Chester, located in England.


The quaint charm of cobblestone paths and timeless architecture with legends that are eerie, haunting, and sometimes chilling to the bone.

Time to find out more my friends about what to discover, where to meet and how to book.

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Enter the Chester Phantoms' Walk.

This acclaimed expedition into the city's shadowed past unfurls the spine-tingling and heart-wrenching stories deeply embedded in its ancient foundations.


Your journey is navigated by a theatrically dressed storyteller, introducing you to some of Chester's eeriest spots, including:

The Chester Sanctuary 


An architectural marvel, this sanctuary is rife with accounts of phantasmal encounters.


There are whispers about a nebulous form lingering in the corridors and tales of a long-lost monk seen drifting in the central hall.

Chester Ghost Tours

The Arcades


Emblematic two-story shops and galleries from the 13th century, the Arcades, though picturesque, are believed to be frequented by spectral entities – notably a headless equestrian and a spectral dame meandering the top floors.


The Cobalt Tavern: Revered as among the most paranormally active sites in Chester, overnight visitors often recount eerie sounds, inexplicable visions, and sensations of phantom touches.

Chester Ghost Tours

Chester Fortress


A remnant from the Norman era, this fortress witnessed many dark episodes, including executions.


It's thus no revelation that tales abound of apparitions, like a decapitated rider who emerges on tempestuous nights.


Beyond these notorious haunts, the Chester Phantoms' Walk also dives into the city's more concealed and intense paranormal epicenters.


However, a word of caution: these spectral tales aren't just ancient folklore.

The tour often becomes a source of contemporary phantom encounters shared by participants.


It appears Chester's phantoms remain very much present.

Chester Phantom

Your Glimpse into Chester's Phantom World


Spanning roughly 90 minutes, the walking expedition initiates at the Chester Sanctuary and concludes at Chester Fortress.


En route, you'll pause at multiple supernatural hotspots, absorbing the tales of the entities believed to inhabit them.


While the journey caters to all ages, discretion is advised given the unsettling nature of some narratives.

Making the Most of the Chester Phantoms' Walk


  • Opt for comfy footwear for a substantial walk.

  • Feel free to capture the atmospheric locales with a camera.

  • Gear up for any weather; the walk is primarily outdoors.

  • Embrace an open heart and expect the unexpected.

  • Your time on this walk promises a lasting, eerie impression of Chester's shrouded side.

  • Reserve Your Spot on the Chester Phantoms' Walk

  • Given its popularity, prior booking is essential.

  • Secure your place online or through Chester's Visitor Information Point.

Common Queries


Q. Commencement Time?

A. Set out on this eerie voyage every evening at 7:30 p.m.

Q. Duration - How Long Does Chester Ghost Tour Take?

A. About 90 minutes of ghostly intrigue.

Q. Child-appropriate?

A. Suitable for most, but given its eerie tales, discretion for young ones is advised.

Q. Attire?

A. Prioritize comfort and the day's forecast.

Q. Camera needed?

A. Optional, but suggested for capturing the mystique.

Q. Refund terms?

A. Yes, provided cancellation is done a minimum of 24 hours prior.

Chester Ghost Tours

In Summary


Dare to venture into Chester's mysterious realm?

The Chester Phantoms' Walk guarantees a journey that will resonate long after, sending shivers down your spine.


You can book online direct here and check availability:

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