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Chester Races Dress Code

The racecourse holds events from May to September, attracting a crowd of stylish attendees dressed to impress! Here is an up to date guide on the Chester Races Dress Code

The Specifics of Chester Races Dress Code


PARADE & 1539 Roof Members


For those fortunate enough to have access to the exclusive PARADE and 1539 Roof Members areas, the dress code is quite formal.


Men are expected to wear a well-tailored suit or blazer, a collared shirt, and smart trousers. A tie is a must.


For the ladies, a dress, skirt or smart trouser suit is required.

Excessively revealing clothing is not allowed in this area. The ban extends to jeans, trainers, shorts, fancy dress, or sportswear.

Parade & 1539 Members
Chester Races Ladies Day - Liverpool Echo

Hospitality Areas, Chester Members, Winning Post, Edinburgh Gin Garden, & County Long Room


In these areas, the Chester Races dress code for men calls for a well-tailored suit or a blazer with smart trousers, a shirt, collar, and tie. Ladies are expected to wear smart dresses. Denim jeans of any color, trainers, shorts, sportswear, and fancy dress are not permitted.


County Concourse & Tattersalls Enclosure


The dress code in the County Concourse & Tattersalls Enclosure is a bit more relaxed. Men must wear a collared shirt, either a polo shirt or a collared shirt. Smart (not ripped) jeans, trousers, or chinos are permitted.


Ladies are expected to wear smart dresses.

Shorts, trainers, tracksuits, t-shirts, sportswear, and fancy dress are not allowed in this enclosure.


The Roodee


In the Roodee area, there's no specific dress code. However, offensive clothing and offensive fancy dress are not allowed. Because there's limited cover in this area, it's advisable to dress for the weather.

Hospitality areas
County Concourse & Tattersalls Enclosure
The Roodee

Choosing the Right Attire for Chester Races


Dress Code for Ladies at Chester Races


The Chester Races dress code for ladies varies according to the enclosure, but overall, the racecourse encourages a smart dress code. Ladies can consider wearing a dress, skirt, or smart trouser suit.

The May Festival, the racecourse's most famous and popular event, is the perfect occasion for ladies to strut their designer label style. It's an opportunity to dive straight into summer wear, regardless of the weather. 3 days of excitement from Wednesday 8th May 2024



Headwear can be a finishing touch to a lady's outfit at the Chester Races. Most ladies opt to wear a hat or fascinator. However, the emphasis is not on the hat, but on the overall outfit.



When it comes to handbags, the focus is on style rather than function. Depending on the trend for the year, the handbag style can range from a micro handbag that fits only lipstick to a macro handbag that can accommodate all the racing essentials.

The Tan


A tan, whether fake or real, is seen as an essential accessory at the Chester Races. Ladies often visit the tanning salon or use a self-tanning product to ensure they have the perfect tan on race day.



High heels are a common choice of footwear for ladies at the Chester Races. Despite the discomfort they might cause, ladies are willing to bear it for the sake of fashion.

Ladies Dress Code

Dress Code for Men at Chester Races


The Chester Races dress code for men also varies according to the section of the racecourse. However, a sharp suit, collar, and tie are the sartorial choice for many dapper gents at the racecourse.

The Shirt


A crisp white shirt can set off a sharp suit perfectly. However, if the suit is grey or navy, a bold coloured or patterned shirt can add interest to the outfit.

The Tie


Ties are required in certain sections of the racecourse. When wearing a patterned shirt, a plain tie is a safe choice. For those feeling daring, a patterned tie can be teamed with the shirt.

Pocket Square


The pocket square is an accessory that adds a dashing touch to an outfit. It should never exactly match the tie.

Shoes and Socks


Trainers should be ditched for smarter leather loafers or monk shoes. These allow the wearer to go sockless for a relaxed formal style. But if socks are decided to be worn, then jazz up the style with colorful or patterned ones.

Mens Dress Code
Lady at Ladies Day Chester Races

Accessorizing for the Chester Races




Jewellery can add a touch of glamour to an outfit, whether it's real or fake. The key is to keep it tasteful. Ladies can go big on bling, while men can opt for simple leather straps or metal bangles.



Sunglasses are essential at the Chester Races, not just for their practical use, but also for their style statement. Both ladies and gents can opt for designer sunglasses in classic styles like aviators or wayfarers.

Custom Pins


Custom pins are a must-have accessory for fashion ladies. They can be pinned into clothes, hats, and bags to adorn your outfit and make a unique style statement.


The Watch


A watch is another way to add a designer touch to an outfit. From understated chic to a bold statement, a watch can show off your personality.

The Chester Races Dress Code: A Tradition of Elegance


The Chester Races Dress Code is more than just a list of rules; it's a tradition that adds to the elegance and sophistication of the event. Whether you're attending the races for the first time or are a regular attendee, knowing the dress code is essential to blend in and make the most of your day at the races.

So, dress up, embrace the glamour, and enjoy the stylish surroundings of the Chester Racecourse!

Accessories for Chester Races
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