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Chester of University

Located in the heart of the historic city of Chester, England, Chester of University is a renowned public institution that has been offering quality education to students globally for almost two centuries.


This article aims to provide an in-depth insight into the life and times at the University of Chester.

A Glimpse of History

Chester University has a rich heritage, tracing back its origins to 1839. It was established as the first-ever purpose-built teacher training college in the United Kingdom. Today, it has evolved into a prestigious university boasting of five sprawling campuses in and around Chester, a campus in Warrington, and a University Centre in Shrewsbury.


The university offers a wide spectrum of courses, ranging from foundation, undergraduate, and postgraduate courses to academic research programs.

Chester University is a proud member of several esteemed associations including the Association of Advanced Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB), the Association of Commonwealth Universities, the Cathedrals Group, the North West Universities Association, and Universities UK.


It has also earned the Silver Award in the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).


It holds the honor of being the fifth oldest higher education establishment in England, preceded only by the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, and London.

Full details on the University website:

Call: 0344 211 6931

Glimpse of History

Campus Life at Chester University


Chester University offers a vibrant and diverse campus life. Its primary campus, the Parkgate Road Campus, Chester, is spread across 32 acres and is located just north of the City Walls.


The campus houses a mix of Victorian and modern buildings, offering facilities like a fitness center, sports hall, swimming pool, science and language laboratories, and a bar.

Apart from the main campus, the university also has a campus in Warrington and a University Centre in Shrewsbury. Each campus is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities to provide students with an enriching learning experience.

Moreover, the university's student accommodation primarily caters to first-year and overseas students, providing a safe and comfortable living environment. The Chester Nightlife is great too!

Campus Life

Academic Excellence at Chester University


The university is divided into seven faculties of study, each offering a range of specialized courses.


These faculties include the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Chester Business School, Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Life Sciences, Faculty of Science and Engineering, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Education and Children's Services, and Faculty of Health and Social Care.

In addition to these faculties, the university also operates several research centers. The faculty members of Chester University are actively involved in research and regularly publish their work through the university's publishing house, the University of Chester Press.

Student Life at Chester University


Chester University is home to a vibrant student community. The Chester Students' Union (CSU) provides support to students and facilitates various student services. It is a member of the National Union of Students (NUS). The CSU organizes various cultural and sporting events, fostering a sense of community among the students.

The university also has over 110 sports clubs and societies, providing ample opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities and pursue their interests. The university's student radio station, The Cat Radio, broadcasts daily, showcasing the talents of its student presenters.

Chester University's Distinctions


Chester University has earned numerous accolades for its commitment to quality education. It has achieved a top ten place in nine categories and a top 20 place in 11 categories in the Whatuni Student Choice Awards (WUSCAs).


The university's focus on student-centric learning has earned it a place among the top five universities for University of the Year, Lecturers and Teaching Quality, University Halls, Postgraduate Experience, and Cost of Living support categories.

The university's Faculty of Education and Children's Services have also been awarded an 'outstanding' rating by Ofsted for its Initial Teacher Training.

Noteworthy Alumni and Staff


Chester University's alumni and staff have made significant contributions to various fields.


Some notable personalities associated with the university include former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, who is a visiting professor at the university, and Gerald Grosvenor, 6th Duke of Westminster, who served as the Foundation Chancellor of the university.

How to Apply to Chester University


Interested candidates can apply for admission to the University of Chester through the university's official website. The university also provides international and merit-based scholarships at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.


Students are automatically considered for these scholarships during the submission of their application.

Contact and Accommodation Details


For any queries or assistance, students can contact the university at the following details:

Chester University provides a range of accommodation options for its students. The university-owned student accommodation is primarily reserved for first-year and overseas students.


For further information on accommodation, students can visit the university's accommodation webpage

Academic Excellence
Student Life
How To Apply
University of Chester



Chester of University, with its rich history, excellent faculty, diverse course offerings, vibrant student life, and numerous accolades, stands as a beacon of academic excellence. It continues to shape future leaders, making a significant impact on society.


The university's commitment to student success and well-being makes it a top choice for students from around the world to come to Chester Uni.

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