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Delamere Forest

Delamere Forest: Nature In the Heart of Cheshire

Delamere Forest, a vast expanse, nestles comfortably in the scenic village of Delamere in Cheshire, England.

Delamere forest in Autumn

An Ode to the Forest's Legacy

It has been carefully managed with care by Forestry England, it covers a staggering 972 hectares (2,400 acres), proudly holding the title of Cheshire's largest woodland. 

They have done a great job with its medley of both deciduous and evergreen trees, it promises a visual spectacle that changes with the seasons, from the fresh green of spring to the russet and gold of autumn.

The name 'Delamere' directly translates to "forest of the lakes", pointing to its historical roots.

Today's Delamere Forest stands as the sole remaining part of the once-extensive Forests of Mara and Mondrem. These dense woods enveloped over 60 square miles (160 km²) of Cheshire and were established as hunting grounds for the Norman Earls of Chester in the late 11th century.

Delamere Forest Cycling

Accessibility and Adventures Await


Its strategic location, a stone's throw away from urban hubs like Manchester and Liverpool, makes Delamere Forest a favorite getaway. 

Its accessibility is enhanced by its dedicated train station, ensuring that even those without a car can easily immerse themselves in its natural splendor.


Activities for Everyone


Let's take a look at what type of activities you can take part in. Whether you're an adventure seeker or a nature enthusiast, Delamere offers something special for everyone.

Ground-based Adventures




For those who enjoy cycling (like we do), Delamere Forest unfurls as a cyclist's paradise.


Don't have a bike? No worries! The forest offers bike hire, allowing visitors to saddle up and venture into its depths which is a great idea.

Meandering through Delamere are several marked cycling trails, each tailored to fit different skill levels. From gentle paths for beginners to challenging terrains for seasoned cyclists, every trail promises a unique perspective of the forest.



If exploration with a hint of competition is your calling, Delamere won't disappoint. The forest plays host to orienteering courses that cater to all proficiencies. 

Have you ever tried it, armed with a map and compass, participants can navigate their way through set points, making it both a physical workout and a test of navigation skills.


Beyond the fun, orienteering serves as an immersive way to acquaint oneself with the various hidden gems scattered across the forest. Great fun as a group, but don't get lost!

Delamere Forest Orienteering How To Guide

Wildlife Watching


Beyond the rustling leaves and the whispering winds, Delamere Forest pulsates with life. Nestled by its serene lake, one can indulge in the calming pursuit of wildlife watching.


If you are lucky you might spot a vivacious squirrel darting up a tree, and there is always the sound of the birds that serenade visitors with their songs. 

Whether you're an avid birdwatcher or just someone seeking solace, the lakeside promises encounters with nature and a real positive getaway from it all feeling.

Wildlife at Delamere



After a day immersed in nature and activity, we always find the need for a good meal which we find is the best way to rejuvenate.

Delamere Forest Cafe stands ready to satisfy any built-up hunger. With a menu of a wide range of delectable dishes and refreshing beverages, it is ideal in a setting that's both rustic and cozy.

Delamere Forest Cafe

Stay Amidst Nature


What about staying for a few days nearby? Forest Holidays offers exquisite forest cabins.


These self-contained accommodations promise an escape from the humdrum of daily life and refresh the batteries in one of the best spots in Cheshire.

Essential Information


The forest is open to visitors from 8 am to 8 pm. Additionally, six strategically located on-site car parks ensure that visitors can park hassle-free, so plenty of parking for when you arrive.

Getting There


Train Services

Hourly trains connect Delamere with Chester and Manchester Piccadilly, making the journey seamless if running on time.

Hop on at Chester, and in a breezy 15 minutes, you'll find yourself at Delamere.

The forest is a leisurely half-mile stroll away from the station, allowing you to take in the village charm en route.

Delamere Station

Bus Services


Buses 48, 48A, and 822 run to Delamere, and here are some of the routes to get you there along with the approximate travel durations I have worked out for you:

From Priestley College


Just over 2 hours by bus, and a swifter one and a half by train.

From Murdishaw


Reach in 97 minutes by bus, or opt for the train like we did that takes just over an hour.

From Holmes Chapel


The bus journey stretches to 2 and half hours, while the train shortens it to just over 2 hours.

From Warrington


While the bus route might take nearly 3 hours!, the train ensures you're there in just over 2 hours. You might be able to get there quicker on a train with any timetable changes. Worth checking.

Delamere Forest Cheshire
Wild plants & Fungi Delamere Forest


To sum up, Delamere Forest stands as an emblem of nature's magnificence, a vestige of historic Cheshire, and a great 'getaway' from the normal humdrum.

Whether by bus or train, from Chester or beyond, make sure to make your way to this green Cheshire space for everyone to enjoy.

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