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Chester Car Parks

Your Ultimate Guide to Parking in Chester City Centre

by Nigel Clarkson 16th Jan 2024

NCP Chester Pepper St

Even after coming to Chester for many years, it still can be a a bit of puzzle working out where to park. However, we now have some favourites and suggestions and with the right navigation guide in hand, we can save time, money, and hassle.


I have put together some free spots and the convenience of a paid space, so I have got you covered with our 'Chester Car Parks' guide.

Free Parking in Chester


When it comes to free parking, Chester offers a range of options both on its streets and within designated council car parks. All large towns and City have them, and here are some ideas for parking in the city, most will have the added luxury of a walk into the centre.

Unrestricted Roads for Free Parking:

Dee Lane

I have a local's secret, and one I like to try and this one is a popular choice due to its accessibility.


As you come in on the A51 from Boughton, there is a left turn down to the Boathouse (look out for the brown sign).

Hidden gem of a road (Dee Lane) down the Boathouse Hotel by the River Dee, it's a one-way street and before you get down to the riverside, there are 15 spaces on your left-hand side on the lane only.

Perfect for access to Grosvenor Park and the miniature train in the park. Chances of getting a spot? Maybe slim, but we always give it a try as you can park for free all day! But Shhhh, don't tell anybody!

Hoole Lane: A 25-minute walk into town if you park on Hoole Lane before Hoole C of E Primary School around Canadian Avenue. All free parking no limits.


Hoole Lane does become residents only as you get nearer to the City Centre. Be aware of that, I nearly got caught out.


These are residential streets so please be considerate when parking and it gets busy around these streets when the parents are dropping off their kids or picking them up at the school.


Apart from that, the above are perfect for a quiet spot away from the city rush and mostly free to park all day.

Also just off Canadian Ave and Panton Road & Hamilton Street: Central locations with easy access to key attractions.


They are near the main street A56 Hoole Road. If you were walking to the City Centre it would take 30 mins, Chester races 40 minutes approx. Free all day though! Nice.

Kilmorey Park, West Street, and Waverley Terrace: On the north side of Hoole Way these streets have some spaces for free all-day parking. These are residential streets and West Street and Waverley Street run along near the railway and a 10 minute walk to Chester Train Station.


Probably a good chance of finding a space if you are prepared to drive around slowly. I have included a map of the area so you can navigate the roads easily.

The Greyhound Retail Park - FREE Parking

(Chester's out of town Shopping Centre)

This is FREE! Ample car parking and FREE at the Greyhound Retail Park and maybe an option if you are going to the Chester Races?


35 minute walk from the retail park to Chester Races. Bonus Park all day at no charge.

Council Car Parks with Complimentary Parking

Paid Parking in Chester City Centre


Even though free parking is a bonus, sometimes the convenience and security of a paid spot are unparalleled. If time isn't on your side and you need to be near to the city centre, here are some paid parking alternatives that we use.

Top Picks for Paid Parking:

  • Cuppin Street Car Park: Right in the city’s heartbeat, this spot is perfect for short or extended stays. Near the racecourse and just off Grosvenor St and near Abode Hotel and the Grosvenor Roundabout.

  • New Market Parking: Near the city centre of Hunter Street ensuring flexibility no matter when you visit.

  • NCP Pepper Street - £2.50 an hour, so £5 for 2 hrs, £7.50 for 3 hrs and £10 for 4 hrs - Google rating 2.3 out of 5

  • Linenhall Car Park - Large open-air 24 hour Car Park both near the City Centre and Chester Racecourse just off St Martin's Way. The most handy for both

  • Watergate Car Park: across the road from the Chester Racecourse - hard to get on on race day.

  • Little Roodee Car Park: Near Racecourse entrance and lots of spaces plus a cafe and toilets. One of our favourites. Short walk into town or take a stroll along the City Walls. Postcode: CH1 1SL - £5 for all day

Chester Paid Car Parks
Little Roodee Car Park Chester
Roodee Car Park Cafe

Accommodation with prime Parking in Chester City Centre


For visitors seeking a stay complete with parking convenience, these centrally located hotels are a perfect match:​

  • Roomzzz - Next to Racecourse and just a 5-minute walk to the city centre - On-site Car Parking

Motorhome & Coach Parking in Chester


For those traveling with bigger vehicles, Chester offers specialized parking solutions:

Motorhome Parking:

  • Fir Trees Caravan & Lodge Park: Experience the serenity of the countryside while being close to the city. Never been to this one, seems a little to out of the way.

Little Roodee Car Park Chester

Coach Parking:

  • Little Roodee Car Park: Specifically designed for coaches, lorries, and oversized vehicles, ensuring easy manoeuvrability. Looks like a favourite with the bus tour operators.

A Few Parting Words...

Chester is a city rich in history and culture, and while parking might seem a trivial aspect of your visit, it can vastly influence your experience. Always remember to double-check availability, prices, and specific regulations directly with the parking facilities for the latest updates.

I hope this comprehensive guide simplifies your Chester Car Parks journey! Safe travels!

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