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Places to go Chester?

Chester Shopping

Spoilt for choice, there is so much to do in Chester, Cheshire.

Here are some suggestions of things you can do and places you can visit whilst in the lovely City of Chester.

History & Heritage

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral You don't have to be religious to understand the culture and history of Chester's Cathedral. We always stand mesmerized looking up at this work of art and wonder just how they built it all those years ago.

Take a guided tour when looking around, plus ideal trip if it's a wet day!

Chester Walls

Walls of Chester Talk a walk on the City walls which are one of the finest examples in the world. High above the streets sweeping around most of the city and bringing you to the River Dee. History abounds and it is a super way to take in parts of the city you almost wouldn't see. Head for heights? You will need it on the north-facing wall. This is a free event too!

River Dee seating area

River Dee Every time we visit we end up on the River Dee. Who can resist a leisurely trip along the river with regular sailings from the quayside near the weir? Ice creams are a plenty, or maybe a pot of tea for two. There are plenty of benches to sit on and watch the world go by on a lazy summer's day. 

Sporting Ocassions

The Roodee - Chester Racecourse

Chester Races is one heck of a day out. Talk about us getting excited with the thrill of spotting a winner, dressing up smart and having your favourite tipple. Make sure Chester Races is on your list wether its just you and your partner or with a business. Find out what to wear

chester fc

Chester fc If football is your bag, you may already of visit the grounds of Chester fc. Out of town and easy to get to this modern football ground. Watch 'The Seals' Chester fc in action and have a pie at half-time if you are able to go on match day or make the visit with your visiting team.

Places to Eat Chester

Pierogi Chester
The Rows Chester

Places to Eat Chester So many restaurants to tempt the wallet or purse, Chester has such an array of different eateries to make your mouth water, there are some many to choose from. We have posted some of our favourites but I am sure you will find a lot more on your saunter.

Places to Shop One of the best shopping experiences in the North of England, there are all the high street favourites plus everything else you will need along the way. As well as the city centre, there are also the out-of-town shopping parks with plenty of parking for an easy shopping experience.

Fun for the family

Chester Zoo

Chester Zoo One of the biggest and best zoos in Europe. A firm favourite with all the families that visit Chester. So many animals and Chester Zoo is well-planned and the welfare of the animals is a high priority. They even had a TV series all about Chester Zoo. Recommended for everyone!

Chester Ghost Tours

Chester Ghost Tours

A 90 minute tour of some of the spookiest places in the city. A frighteningly good night out!  Full details plus questions and answers before you embark at the Town Hall! >> FIND OUT MORE <<


Chester is one of the most popular Cities in the Northwest of England because it has so much diversity, history and culture interwoven with being a great place for education at the Uni, shopping, pubs and entertainment.

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