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Romantic Getaways in Chester

Rediscover Romance in the Heart of Chester

With the cobbled streets, historic ambiance, and the serene River Dee, Chester is a canvas painted with romantic hues.


Our selection of romantic getaways captures the essence of love, offering couples an intimate haven.


Whether it's candlelit dinners, spa packages, or balcony views at sunset, you'll find the perfect setting here. Browse our choices and surprise your partner with a romantic escape they'll cherish forever.

Chester Grosvenor
Where Love Meets Luxury

In the heart of Chester lies a sanctuary of romance and sophistication. The Chester Grosvenor exudes elegance for those unforgettable moments.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Decadent suites for cozy evenings

  • In-house gourmet dining experiences

  • Prime location for romantic city strolls

"Our anniversary was nothing short of magical, thanks to Grosvenor's luxurious touch." - Lily & Marco, Honeymooners

The Chester Grosvenor
The Grosvenor Bar 2
Chester Grosvenor and Spa

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Hotel Indigo Chester
A Palette of Romance & Modern Charm

Reignite passion in a vibrant setting that celebrates Chester's culture and modernity. Hotel Indigo offers a refreshing romantic twist.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Art-inspired rooms for a sensual ambiance

  • Intimate rooftop dining with city views

  • Close proximity to Chester's romantic spots

"Every corner tells a story, making our stay truly unique and romantic." - Sophia & Ethan, Dating

Four Poster Hotel Indigo
Hotel Indigo Chester
Hotel Indigo Chester

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Oddfellows Chester
Where Eccentricity Meets Romance

Discover love's quirky side at Oddfellows. Each suite and apartment tells a unique tale, ensuring a memorable romantic retreat.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Unconventional designs for the adventurous couple

  • Secluded garden dining

  • In-room surprises to spark romance

"Our love story felt like a fairy tale, with Oddfellows as the perfect backdrop." - Claire & Aaron, Engaged

oddfellows Chester
Oddfellows Bedroom
Oddfellows Chester

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Crowne Plaza Chester
Elevate Romance Overlooking the City

Elevate your love life with panoramic views and unmatched luxury. Crowne Plaza offers a romantic haven right in the city's heartbeat.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Suites with breathtaking city views

  • Exclusive couple spa treatments

  • Romantic dinners with cityscape backdrops

"Watching the sunset over Chester, we felt on top of the world. Pure romance." - Isabelle & Leo, Anniversary

Crowne Plaza Bar
The Crowne Plaza Chester
Crowne Plaza Bedroom Chester

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The Boathouse & Riverside Rooms
Drift in Love by the Water

Whisper sweet nothings by the riverside and let love flow. The Boathouse offers serene views and intimate moments, making every second count.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Riverside dining for unforgettable moments

  • Cozy rooms with waterfront views

  • Romantic boat rides at your doorstep

🚣‍♀️ "Listening to the gentle river, our hearts found a new rhythm. Purely magical." - Eva & Tom, Mini-moon

Boat house Hotel Chester
Boat House Bedroom Chester
The Boat House Chester

Moxy Chester
Playful Romance in the City's Heartbeat

Add a dash of playful charm to your romantic getaway. Moxy Chester celebrates love with a youthful spirit and modern elegance.

Unique Selling Points:

  • Vibrant interiors to ignite passion

  • Interactive couple activities and games

  • Central location for spontaneous romantic adventures

💃 "Moxy brought fun and spontaneity to our love life. A playful paradise!" - Mia & Jake, Dating

The Moxy Bar room
The Moxy Bedroom Chester
The Moxy Chester

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Romantic Getaways


Once you've planned the perfect romantic escapade in Chester, remember that the city offers more than just love-filled moments.


For business travelers, our executive hotels are top-notch, and families will adore our handpicked family-friendly hotels.


And if you're thinking of a festive visit, our Christmas stopovers can't be missed. Perhaps a simple weekend away is calling you next.

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