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Chester City Walls

Discovering the Chester City Walls A Journey into History

The historical and cultural City of Chester is famous of its Chester City Walls. The walls serve as a beautiful peek into what Chester was like in its glory days, allowing visitors to experience a unique form exploring the city’s history. The Walls: their history, conservation, and character.

Chester Wall near Newgate Street
Chester City Wall map

A Walk Through History

The Chester City Walls stand firm, showcasing the ancient history of the town. Chester, however is known for the 2-mile long, the strategic importance of the city through the ages is reflected on the walls.

Chester Walls near car park.jpg
Chester Walls Easy Steps

Roman Roots

These Chester city walls have their roots going back nearly 2000 years when the Romans built them up. For centuries, there have been a number of expansions of these walls indicating how the city has grown and transformed.

Remember: These include the walls which are the oldest, longest, and most complete city walls of Britain.

Saxon Extensions

Further extensions and development of the walls took place during the Saxon rule in the 10th Century. This was a massive exercise that transformed the face of the city.

Norman Rebuilds

The 12th century, under Norman rule, saw an extensive renovation and further widening of the walls. The circuit, which was completed during this period, added an additional significance to the Chester Walls, which had by then been completed.

Chester Walls near Roodee Car Park
Chester Wall Watch Tower North Side

Preserving the Chester City Walls

The sustained conservation of the Walls stands as evidence of the city’s dedication to its legacy. Walls are now the cherished part of the city and provide one of the unconventional ways to learn about the history and character of Chester.

Maintaining the Walls

The Chester Walls are maintained by Cheshire West and Chester Council. Through consultation with Historic England, the council ensures that the walls are conserved for future generations to enjoy.

Renovations and Restorations

Carefully, for many years parts of Chester have been re-enacted. A temporary walkway was provided in 2020 when a part of the wall near the Eastgate clock gave way.

In 2022, there was an improvement at the Watergate Bridge section of the walls where they put accessibility rails. The next stage will involve other sections of the wall becoming accessible as well as other improvement programs.

Note: The City Walls can be easily accessed through accessibility ramps and steps that have been installed around the city.

Chester walls City of Chester
Chester Walls lovely day

A walk along the Chester city wall

The historic Walls are a must-visit destination. It has a rectangular walk around the walls which gives magnificent views and insights into history.

Notable Features

There are many ancient architectural constructions on the walls, such as Phoenix Tower, Bonewaldesthorne’s Tower, and Morgan’s Mount. It also crosses the three major Medieval gates of the city namely Northgate, Bridgegate, Eastgate, and Watergate.

Landmarks and Nearby Attractions

Visitors may encounter some marks of interest along the  Walls or near them. Some of these sites are the beautiful Chester Cathedral, the famed Chester Zoo, and numerous pubs for a remarkable pub crawl.

Chester Walls Wishing Steps

Parking and Accommodations

Several car parks are available around the city for visitors to use as they explore the Walls. It also has several nearby hotels and restaurants that offer different kinds of dining and lodging services.

Tip: There are several City Walls parking points throughout the city.


Walking on the Chester city walls is like visiting a past period. The walls, thus, afford an opportunity to study the urban history of the city and value its legacy. If you are a history lover, a seasoned tourist, or live in Chester, you will surely remember your visit to the Chester City walls.

River Dee from Chester City Walls

Questions and Answers

Here are some of the popular questions often asked that will help you on your visit

How long does it take to walk around Chester City Walls?


Walking around Chester's City Walls typically takes about 1-2 hours. Of course, this depends on your walking pace and how often you stop to admire the views and historical points of interest. It's a leisurely walk, so there's no need to rush!

How far is it to walk around Chester City Walls?


The circuit of the walls is approximately 2 miles Long (or about 3.2 kilometers). It's a comfortable distance for a nice, scenic walk, letting you see different parts of the city from a unique perspective.

When were Chester City Walls built?


The origins of Chester's City Walls date back to the Roman period, around 70 AD, when Chester was known as Deva Victrix. The walls have been rebuilt and extended over the centuries, including significant medieval expansions, making them a fascinating tapestry of history.

Best place to park to walk the Chester City Walls?


A good place to park is the Chester Racecourse car park the Roodee. It's conveniently located and offers easy access to the walls. From there, you can choose any direction to start your walk.


Remember, the city can be busy, especially on race days, so it's wise to arrive early or check for alternative parking spots just in case.

Can you walk around Chester City Walls?


Absolutely! The walls are open to pedestrians and provide a wonderful way to explore the city. You'll get to see Chester from a unique vantage point, including historical sites, the River Dee, and various architectural highlights.

Is there any charge to walk the walls?


No, there isn't. Walking the Chester City Walls is free of charge. It's a public path, so feel free to enjoy this journey through history without any cost.

Remember to wear comfortable shoes, bring a camera, and take your time to enjoy this historic walk!

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